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About BioSO4

BioSO4 Oy has successfully completed the acquisition of CH – Collector patent from Chemec Oy and will immediately begin the integration of CH Collector business to deliver cost synergies with other products from BioSO4 Oy. New product name will be BioSO4 – Collector.

Main products

BioSO4 – Biopolymer is a method for highly selective removal of sulphur, sulphide, sulphate, thiosulphate, sulphite, bisulphite and metabisulphite for the treatment of process and waste waters.

BioSO4 – Collector is a method for highly selective extraction/recovery/removal of soluble heavy metals (gold, scandium, yttrium) from process and waste waters.

BioSO4 – Adsorbents are a highly selective and proven option for the effective removal of a wide variety of contaminants. Most of the toxicity of pollutants present in the water resides in inorganic substances, heavy metals (such as arsenic, lead and mercury), ions (fluoride and cyanides), organic substances (such as phenol and trichlorethylene) and microbiological pollutants. Adsorption has been shown to be one of the most effective and most economical techniques in water treatment.

Our company can offer you:

  • Laboratory and on-site analyses, testing and piloting
  • Assessment of specific chemical requirements for water treatment
  • Equipment and process design development
  • Global logistics and sales
  • Reactivation services for products
  • Technical services


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