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BioSO4 Oy develops novel and original water treatment products and also acts as a distributor supplying to global mining reagent producers.

BioSO4 Oy commenced commercial activities in 2018 with the production of a patented sustainable BioSO4biopolymer method, in which sulphur, sulphide, sulphate, thiosulphate, sulphite, bisulphite and metabisulphite can all be effectively recovered and recycled from both liquids and gases. In addition, biopolymer by-products are used for heavy metal removal and liquidized biopolymers act as BioSO4-flocculants for wastewater treatment.

We have also developed an accurate method for analyzing the concentrations of various xanthates (SEX, SIBX, PAX, …) from primary raw materials as well as from environmental residues. The quality and quantity of each xanthate phase, residues and potential impurities are analyzed for each delivered product batch. Our high-purity xanthates and analytical methods allow the dosage of xanthates to be minimized. This method can also be used to investigate the quality of many other mining reagents.

In February 2019 a global mining reagent specialist joined the BioSO4-team and commenced work in the mining reagent distribution business.

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