Sulfur Management in Mining

The company’s strength in mining reagents is its extensive product portfolio, good knowledge of the analytics and chemistry of enrichment chemicals and their environmental impact.

Together with our customers, we have solved several challenges related to flotation and enrichment chemicals. Long-term cooperation with the best research institutes in the field, such as the Oulu Mining School of the University of Oulu, and GTK, it has been a significant part of the company’s growth. With partners, the company is able to offer extensive enrichment process development work for international mining projects.

We have also developed a quick and an accurate method for analyzing the concentrations of various xanthates (SEX, SIBX, PAX, …) in commercial products as well as from environmental residues. The quality and quantity of each xanthate phase, residues and potential impurities are analyzed for each delivered product batch. Our high-purity xanthates and analytical methods allow the dosage of xanthates to be minimized. This method can also be used to investigate the quality of many other mining reagents.

Furthermore, as a new active global sales company, we actively trade also our customer’s stock surplus and help to find consumers for expired or off-quality mining reagents, grinding balls and water treatment chemicals. Together with our customers and good laboratories, BioSO4 is able to find new users and relocate a variety of mining reagents in Europe. The recommended shelf life to the product is not always equal the actual expiration date.

Additional information: BioSO4 – International Sulfur Management Professional in the Mining Industry — Mining Finland 

Our products

  • Xanthates
  • Liquid collectors
  • Grinding media


Our services

  • Laboratory and on-site analyses, testing and piloting
  • Assessment of specific chemical requirements for flotation
  • Equipment and process design development
  • Global logistics and sales
  • Technical services

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